YEAR 2- INDUSTRY EXERCISE 3-Selling Yourself

Josh Coldham
Gareth Peck
Callum Dallimore
David Cowell

Okay so this the project we have been given today is probably the most useful project we've been set all year in terms of my future career, 1) is to create a showreel  2)Create and Enter into a competition, an animated piece3) an Individual reflective journal. So a good starting point for me and the team would be to research into competitions and see what the possibilities are.


Doritos "King of Ads" Competition:

"What should my Doritos ad be about (the “Brief”):

The competition is simple. We want you to make a 29 second TV advert for Doritos and upload it to our website. We can’t help you with your idea. Sorry about that.
But we can give you an idea of what Doritos stands for as a brand. We’re all about getting it started. Sharing. Good times. Having a laugh. Think big, bold, flavours that are packed with crunch.
We’re looking for an ad that entertains your mates as much as it does you. One you’re proud to share. One that makes all the other contestants wish they’d done it themselves. One that is undeniably cool.
Be creative and original with your entry. Seriously. What will make Doritos stand out from all the other boring ads on TV? Is there a clever new way to talk about Doritos, or one of our flavours? An inspired endline, maybe. A genius gag, possibly. It’s entirely up to you.
Now, get to work.

All valid Submissions will be posted on the Website to be viewed by you, the public, before our Doritos Judges select the top 15 Submissions (using the Judging Criteria below) to pitch before a celebrity judging panel who will whittle the top 15 down to a final three. The overall winner will then be chosen from the final three Submissions by a public vote."

Virgin Media "Shorts" Competition:

What we're looking for

"Think big! We'll be showing 12 shortlisted films on the silver screen. So think about what will work well on the big screen. Be cinematic.
Think about the story. What makes a great short film? Find your own voice. Try something new.
Add plenty of polish. We're looking for raw talent and brilliant ideas, but that shouldn't stop you making sure that all the elements in your film are as good as they can be. Understand the importance of good sound, camera work, acting and editing. All of these things work together to help create the world you're trying to portray.
Try to have a critical eye on your own work - cutting things that don't hit the mark technically or just aren't needed to tell the story."

Okay So me and the guys have always talked about hand drawn animation from the word go, so i think our intention is to do something like that, we also have an idea for a short already so we have to find a competition PREFERABLY that we can cheekily use this idea on, and as most of the competitions are pretty much about a product or about the company doing the competition then i think our best choice for competition is the "Virgin Shorts" competition.

Our idea:
Okay well the idea is about a viking called "Jared" (dedicated to our tutor who is leaving) and it looks like a simple setting, the viking is just simply going to a fishing spot, he sits for a while and he feels a massive tug on his fishing rod, this turns out to be a massive sea serpent, instead of being scared the viking takes it on, theres an epic fight scene and then the viking throws the monster out of shot to reveal a huge pile of defeated monsters. Then comically the viking just returns to his fishing like nothing ever happened.
Pictures of vikings:

After looking at animation paper on the internet, we've realised just how expensive it really is, none of us can really afford that kind of cash, but if anything it has made us realise why a lot of companies have turned to computer animation, its a lot cheaper in the long term.  So we'ver decided we still want to keep that 2-d hand drawn look so "TABLETS OUT PEOPLE"!

These are a few drawings i have done on the character if the viking:


Secret of kells:
Secret of kells was very much the starting point of this project, we'd all just recently seen it and loved it, we dont think this is the exact look were gonna go for but i think the fact that its inspired us to do 2-d and draw simply and effectively means it just deserves a post on here :D

Keeping it simple:
We've all agreed that to meet the deadline, we are to keep the idea very simple, just simple lines for the background, and a simple palette of colour (if any) just like these legendary cartoons:

Ed Edd & Eddy

Ed, Edd n Eddy is an original animated television series created by Danny Antonucci and produced by Canadian-based a.k.a. Cartoon. It premiered onCartoon Network in 1998.I think i like the squiggly lines the most in this cartoon which is why i chose to chow it, the squiggly lines represent movement, and i think its a cool style.

                                                        WATCH HERE

Simon's Cat
Simon's Cat is an animated cartoon series by the British animator Simon Tofield featuring a hungry house cat who uses increasingly heavy-handed tactics to get its owner to feed it. i absolutely love this style, its a newspaper comic come to life, but although its very simple, theres so much character and i think thats what we are looking for!

Our Jobs:
Okay so for our project we have split our storyboard up into 4 pieces we all have to complete our parts, i have the beginning scenes, i think theres a lot of potential, especially for my showreel, these scenes involve a walk, and some very good close up shots!

Planning my shots:

1)Front shot of Jared walking down the bridge(5 seconds)
2)Frontal shot of Jared sitting down on the bridge pulling out his fishing rod and throwing it out to the lake (zoom out slowly)(5 seconds)
3)new scene-close up of Jared's face- patiently waiting(3 seconds)
4)Jared gets alarmed and reels in his fishing rod to reveal only a boot(4 seconds)
5)Getting angry he throws the boot back into the lake(2 seconds)
6)is another scene of Jared waiting, only its a shot from behind looking out to the lake(3 seconds)

This is the first draft of my walk cycle for the beginning scene, i wanted to get the movement right before i started tidying it up.