Monday, 8 February 2010

Adding a characteristic to my walks

the main thing that defines a person is most probably his/her walk so there are many things to think about in a walk which will in turn define your character, he/she could be:
  • lazy
  • fat
  • thin
  • a baby
  • an old man
  • butch
  • wimpy
  • elegance
  • beauty
  • sexy/seductive
  • etc. the list could go on forever!
so for this i have chosen a rather stereotypical character with some good weight a SUMO WRESTLER!!
i tried to portray how uncomfortable it must be for a sumo wrestler to walk and think about how much movement his legs are doing the most important thing to consider is weight.
first i am going to plan out my frames like so (most people like to just do key positions,i feel alot more comfortable roughly sketching out all the positions it takes longer but its how i choose to work at the moment atleast until i feel more comfortable with the process)

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